Homemade French Fries Recipe

My guests tonight are my son and his buddies. They have such a rough life… playing video games in front of the 60-inch flat screen to celebrate my son’s birthday.  Of course, they get perks that no one else gets, like requesting homemade french fries at the last minute. I’m such a pushover.

Here’s how you can make fries. They are so easy, I actually feel guilty blogging this recipe. Start by washing about seven potatoes and then cutting them into strips like above.

Pour a few cups of vegetable oil into a large pan. Turn on high until oil reaches 350 degrees & maintain but be sure that you don’t leave this pan unattended.

Once oil comes to 350°F, place fries into the pan carefully.

Using tongs, gently toss fries so they are cooked on all sides. Do not cover with a lid. Fries will begin to brown.

Drain fries when they are golden brown… easier blogged than done.

Easy peezy seasoning Just some kosher salt. Oh, yes, and a side of ranch dressing at no extra charge.  I’m sure that we could have some serious fun with these fries if we added some garlic too! Yummers!

Happy teens. Happy birthday, son!

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