Two Cocktails to Welcome Summer

A guest post by the amazing Warren Bobrow

The Easter and Passover holiday weekend is now behind us.   I’ve been dreaming of warmer weather and this past weekend although windy was just the taste I’ve been seeking.  The lovely summer season to follow is filling my cocktail driven wishes and below are two little numbers that will take a couple weeks to source all the ingredients, but I promise you- the results will charm you and your guests with your professional and idiot-proof cocktail prowess.  It’s really very easy to prepare once you have the proper ingredients.


But I must warn you. 

These are not drinks for the meek.

They are powerful reminders of mind soon to be under matter.

Quietly Bemusing Cocktail

The Ingredients:

Makes one cocktail of varying intensity. Add more vodka for more intensity!

  • 2 Shots of Home Infused Grilled Lemon Vodka (I used Bluewater Vodka from Seattle)
  • ½ Shot Grand Marnier
  • ½ Cup freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice (ALWAYS use freshly squeezed juices!)
  • Juice of one lime (same, if you use bottled, go to the back of the class)
  • Tomr’s Tonic Water Syrup (Essential, order here)
  • AZ Bitters Lab Más Molé Bitters (4 drops)
  • Ice/Fresh Seltzer

Method to the Madness:

Add the home infused Lemon Vodka to a mixing cup ¼ filled with ice

Add Grand Marnier

Add Juices

Add Bitters

Add Tomr’s Syrup (1-2 oz or to taste)

Shake until shaker is frosty

Pour with bemusement into a tall cocktail glass and top with seltzer, garnish with slapped mint, and be prepared to experience “a confusion of impressions

(What is slapped mint?  Put a piece of mint in your hand and slap your other hand onto it, that physical motion releases the oils from the leaf and your mint is now slapped!)

To home infuse lemon Vodka.  Zest four lemons, well scrubbed.  Add the zests to a cheesecloth bag with a string attached with a pinch of pink peppercorns and Star Anise pods (one or two)

Place Vodka in the freezer for about two weeks.  Remove cheesecloth bag from the bottle with the string and serve or mix as desired…

To Tell the Truth Cocktail

Makes two cocktails that hopefully won’t send you flying


  • 4 shots Aviation Gin from House Spirits in Oregon
  • 1 Cup Grilled Pink Grapefruit juice (recipe below)
  • 4 Tablespoons of Royal Rose “Rose” Syrup
  • Bitter End Thai Bitters
  • Seltzer Water

(Slice pink grapefruit into thick rounds to preserve juice, sear in a cast iron pan or grill over charcoal, then juice, you may have to use quite a few of them for the amount of juice needed)

Preparation to the flying lesson:

To a cocktail shaker, fill ½ with ice

Add Aviation Gin

Add Grilled Pink Grapefruit Juice

Add Royal Rose “Rose” Simple Syrup

Add 4 drops of Bitter End “Thai” Bitters

Shake and strain into two short rocks glasses

Blast with a bit of seltzer water for lift.

Garnish with a chunk of grilled grapefruit moistened in Royal Rose Syrup

Keep your seatbelt securely fastened about your waist. There’s turbulence ahead!


About Warren Bobrow

Warren is a unique writer/mixologist on everything from cocktail flavoring and wine writing to restaurant reviews. He also writes for Edible Jersey, Voda Magazine, Foodista and Tasting Panel Magazine. Warren is the “On Whiskey” columnist for OKRA Magazine in New Orleans part of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.  Warren writes for Williams-Sonoma on their Blender Blog and also for Foodista.

TWITTER: WarrenBobrow1

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