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I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve got friends in organic places. And by organic, I mean Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.


I might be a biased Seattle girl, but I really love Seattle Bites Food Tours. The owners, Mark & Jan Marie, are my dear friends. This week I had the pleasure to making some cookies for them for a presentation they did for Visit Seattle. I can’t wait to show you the cookies they gave to the attendees but, first, let me brag some more about them and what they do…


I’ve been on the tour four times. Last time I got to meet James. You, too, can meet James at the information booth. He’s a fan of Seattle Bites as well and has the brochure to prove it.

When you introduce yourself, please tell him Deanna from The Old Hen B&B says hi. You might also like to tell him he made the blog. He’s the most photogenic James I’ve ever met, no?


Everybody who signs up for the tour gets this handy Seattle Bites bag and an ear piece that allows you to hear the tour host even when the fish guys are chanting and doin’ their thing – flingin’ fish, makin’ tourists laugh and stuff.


The tour hosts are so fun, informative and friendly. I’ve learned so much about Pike Place from them.


One day I even got to play photographer. I adore this picture of this very happy group member.


Cutie, baby Seattle’s Best Coffee? Why, yes, please! I also love that every time I’ve been on the tour the eats have been a little bit different. Seattle Bites also serves the biggest bites of any Seattle food tour.


You must. simply must go on this tour – even if you’re a local. You will never see the market in the same way again. I promise you. Why? Because you will become part of the market’s history and become friends with the shop owners.

Are you ready to see the cookies I made for Seattle Bites? I’m not sure if you are ready for this much cuteness. No really. I’m simply giddy – far more excited than I probably should be.


Yes, it’s a cookie. A  sandwich cookie to be exact. Complete with lunchmeat, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and mayo.

To celebrate Pike Place. To celebrate the name “sandwich cookies” taken far too literal. To celebrate the outstanding Seattle Bites Food Tours, my friends at Seattle Bites are giving away 4 tickets for their tour.

How to Enter

Just leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you love best about Seattle and a winner will be randomly chosen this Sunday, March 17th, 2013 at midnight. The winner will be announced Monday morning the 18th.

This giveaway has now been completed.

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32 thoughts on “Seattle Bites Food Tours”

  • Having moved away from the Seattle area (and then quickly back!) I can most definitely say the best thing about Seattle is the people who live in it. Your cookies are ADORABLE!!

  • We live across the water from Seattle, so my visits to downtown are full day adventures. We love the relaxing ferry ride across the water, where we sit with huge cups of coffee and do nothing but take in the scenery and people watch. We love wandering down along the waterfront (always have to drop by the Curiosity Shop!). The Underground Tour is fabulous, as is the Duck! But my hands-down favorite place is Pike Place Market. I love the activity, the adventure, the huge bouquets of flowers, the flying fish, and the maze of hidden shops. It’s a different experience every single time.

  • After living in 8 states, my heart has chosen Seattle as my favorite city, over all. When thinking about what I love best about Seattle, I am not completely sure I can choose just one attribute of this glorious city. Seattle is firstly a beautiful city. Astonishing sometimes in the right light! Seattle is GREAT for active outdoor activities of all kinds (even people watching). There is water everywhere, not to mention clean air, breathtaking mountain views, nearby skiing, perfect summer sunshine, WONDERFUL FOOD (super fresh seafood!!), the best coffee and treat shops, outdoor dining everywhere without breathing exhaust, late night hours of operation, art, culture, SPORTS, downtown Discovery Park is worth a regular visit, AND for the most part you don’t need A/C in Seattle. All in all, I believe my favorite part of Seattle is the eclectic blend of people who have made their way into my heart and become my family of choice.

  • That cookie is so yummy looking and cute! Until my daughter got married a couple of years ago I had only been to Pike Place market once. I really had no clue what I missed.I love taking my granddaughter to the waterfront. It is a great area to do so many things…I love it. Planning on another trip downtown soon. I don’t feel like I have gone every where I want to go. We are so blessed.

  • I just spent 3 days in Seattle last weekend and it was fantastic. The highlight was definitely Chihuly Garden and Glass. I went with my niece and I can tell you the exhibits made both a 14 year old and a 41 year old quite happy. We also did the Underground Tour and it was very informative, but the best part about Seattle has to be the food.

  • My very favorite is to walk the waterfront with my husband and a super cute umbrella people watching on a rainy day!

  • My favorite thing i love about Seattle is the connection that Higher Ed has with the City itself. Community Service, internships, hands on opportunities to discover careers; the list can go on and on. This city is bursting with opportunities and that is what it makes it so unique. The Waterfront, the lakes the fine arts and the extraordinary cuisine are encouraged and utilized by University students. The Universities have engaged in the Seattle culture. As a parent of 4 University Grads in Seattle I am impressed and thankful.

  • I’ve lived in Seattle for four years now and I have to say that the city’s laid back atmosphere is the best. It’s not the same laid back feel as California. It’s not a fast-paced, cycling through trends atmosphere either. There’s something unique about taking it slow with a latte at a coffee shop or strolling through farmers markets. I think with the many gray days, Seattle-ites work harder at creating an extra vibrant, uniquely Seattle name.

  • It’s Seattle, gray skies that turn into beautiful blue skies. There is no place like Seattle close enough to do almost any activity from sight seeing, to climbing mountains or snow skiing down them, a hop, skip, and a jump to be standing next to Puget Sound. Delectable, delightful eateries and theatre to boot. Not to mention the creative people that can turn plain ole cookie dough into works of art. Seattle…. there is no place like home. 🙂

  • I live 2 hours drive (on a good day!) from Seattle, but we love to go to Seattle frequently to visit my mother-in-law. There is always something going on in Seattle. We always include a cultural activity when we visit because the rural town in which we live is a bit devoid of those opportunities! Seattle’s diversity is one thing that make it wonderful.

  • I’m going to be in Seattle for the first time in September! I’m so looking forward to the coffee (Seattle’s Best) and Pikes Place Market! Can’t wait!!

  • I am a Washingtonian. Born and raised here. I love Seattle and all it has to offer. What do I love best about it? I love the city itself. I absolutely love to come out to the city and walk the streets and visit the shops and taste all the wonderful foods. I love to walk the market even though I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl. It never gets old. I bought a Pike Place Market white sweatshirt and sweatpants from a vendor for my little boy when he was a toddler and he’s 21 now! I still see that outfit when I walk by and it makes me smile. We have a beautiful city, and love to show it off when we have friends in town.
    The Seattle Bites Food Tour is perfect for a girl like me. I live to eat, I didn’t even know this was something we had! I love it. I think it’s something I’m going to HAVE to do, especially with my birthday being on the 18th I’m going to tell my hubby I’d like to do this for my birthday! Thank you for this article.

  • Seattle is so diverse, there is something for everyone! I love all the hustle and bustle and lit up shops at night. I especially enjoy walking through museums and listening to concerts.

  • The best thing about Seattle is the diversity and acceptance. Seattle is a beautiful city for anyone of any age to visit!

  • I have only been to Seattle once but my trip to Pike Place and to the space needle were my favorite places. I am looking forward to getting out there in September for the Foodista conference and hope to see more of Seattle! 🙂

  • The best thing about Seattle is that it is the Emerald City… when you visit, you feel like Dorothy visiting the magical world of Oz. Anything can happen in this beautiful city full of artistic and creative people. The “Yellow Brick Road” leads to the Pike Street Market, one of the most unique and wonderful farmers markets in America. Every street you travel takes you to a new place, and your sense of adventure will expand with each new discovery. Seattle is the gem city of the Northwest!

  • In Seattle, people are friendlier than in many other cities, winters are (usually) mild, the air is clean, and there are all kinds of sightseeing opportunities. We even have a troll! I’m so glad to live here.

  • I’m new to the area (from Phoenix, AZ) and there are so many things I love about Seattle. First, the focus on local food is AMAZING. And the overall ‘green’ nature of life here – people really care about the environment and it’s fantastic to live in a culture that fully embraces being eco-friendly. The weather hasn’t been as awful as people make it out to be, and I’ve started to appreciate the sunny days more than I ever did in Phoenix! Thanks for this opportunity. That tour looks AMAZING!

  • My hubby and I had our first couple of dates in Seattle…lunch on the waterfront, “Fiddler on the Roof”, and then the Space Needle for a friend’s wedding. Now we love to share Seattle with our boys…playing in the fountain at the Seattle Center on a hot summer day, the Pike Place Market, and the monorail to downtown to watch it snow at Pacific Place. All wonderful Seattle memories!

  • My husband and I are “tourists” ourselves… We moved here from Ohio 2 1/2 years ago and we still love to go do the touristy things. And what’s great, is we get to share these awesome tours and amazing city with our family and friends who come visit. We have no family here, so it’s exciting to see our family love the city we live in. We love Seattle and everything about it. It’s culture, scenery, people, etc. It’s a world all its own and we love being here 🙂

  • Taste of tours are such a fantastic way to get that culture immersion for the city. Would to see what Seattle’s is like. Miss Pike Place Market since moving to Portlandia. Used to go for mini pies @ Beringers in Post Alley 18 years ago. And the fresh flower bouquets!! So miss those! We visited Last May to see Chihuly Garden and the King Tut at Seattle Center. Took the kids to Pike Place and found a Russian Food Counter in Post Alley. Their Meatballs and stroganoff were AMAZING. Would love to go back and take the tour to experience more Seattle gems like that.
    My heart belongs to Seattle even after all these years

  • There is so much I love about Seattle but I have to say since I have lived in the area my whole life…there is nothing like Spring. The bright colors, the fresh smell in the air…I love it. Going to Pike Place on a perfect Spring day is my idea of the perfect day.

  • I love the STUNNING vegetation this city has to offer! The trees in and around Seattle, and all of the parks (Discovery Park, Deception Pass, Olympic) are all some of the most BEAUTIFUL I’ve ever seen.

  • I am a transplant from 27 years ago. I still love this area as much as the day I moved here. My favorite view is from the waterfront (or Pike Place) to the west. Would LOVE to do the food tour!

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