Paper Straws Make People Talk Funny

My name is Deanna. I have a paper straw addiction. Or as I prefer to call it glorious, fun-filled, party-waiting, colorful straw collection. I have bragged about my straw collection to my friends. This has created a curious following of, not I, but of my straws. And they are worthy of such a following. Okay, maybe not. But they’re really funzies to look at and they make my friendsies talk in a new language when they use them – the language of placing “ies” at the end of every word that will accept it. Or maybe it was the mojitos at the other end of the strawzies (exception to the “ies” rule: add a “z” when necessary to force the word to accept the “ies”. This is serious stuff folks – no jokezies.

Side note: I love the word “folks” – it’s not used nearly enoughzies.


In honor of the Fourth of July or Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day or President’s Day or whenever you are feeling especially patriotic or British, I present thee with red, white and bluesies.


Purple. Party of four. Evidentially, I’ve already had a purple bash. Funny, I don’t remember it.


And it’s time to have a Halloween party for one. It’s always hard to use the last one of each color though. It’s more likely I will skipzies Halloween this year and save my straws.

I’ve become accustomed to buying things out of season so I can get them on the clearance section. I’ll be on the look out for Halloween straws next November. Merry Christmas to me.


Brown. Perfect for chocolate milk which sounds really good right now. But only through a paper straw.


Tiffany blue. She’s loverly, no? Reserved for when you want to feel expensive.


Gentle pink for a baby shower and bright pink for tweens. Can you even contain your excitement? Oh but wait. It gets better.


Lady bugzies! But to fully appreciate them, you need a close-up.


I know, right? Lady bug infested straws… a whole new level of paper straw adorableness.


Orange you glad I didn’t add “zies” to the end of orange?


And, finally, honeydew green. And that is my straw collection so far. For more paper straws, you can check them out online here at The Sugar Diva and other sites.


The lovely thing about paper straws is they have oh so many uses – and every one of them makes people smile. For example, check out the red straws cut into threezies here. Please. Make the cuteness stop. And the muffin liners?


Well, I plead the fifthzies

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