Slappy Cakes in Portland, Oregon

“We’re goin’ to Slappy Cakes.” my Portland guide announced.

After we arrived, it took no time at all for me to realize why we were at Slappy Cakes. Cool, foodie vibe. Fry your own pancakes on a tabletop griddle? Uh, yes, please!

Orange you glad you’re at Slappy Cakes?

You get your choice of pancake flavors. I went for my normal pancake toppings: peanut butter & maple syrup. I added some chopped walnuts to kick things up a notch.

As expected in one of the food capitals of the USA, the peanut butter at Slappy Cakes and many other restaurants in Portland is au naturel & freshly ground. So, if you like the creamy, sweet stuff (and I do), bring a little container of Jiffy with you, Skippy.

There are lots of toppings to choose from. Lemon curd, berries… actually, here’s the full scoop.

Deep fried breaded bacon drizzled with caramel sauce…

… it’s a required try while at Slappy Cakes. If you don’t try it, they color your hair orange. Okay, that is not true. Not even a little. But, really, try the bacon. We have found on our visits, that one order for the whole crew is enough because, well, caramel sauce and maple syrup can be a bit much for one breakfast. My goal is to not become a diabetic before noon.

The coffee was amazeballs.

Deez nuts.

Grilled to perfection.

Let your imagination go wild.  You might even end up in the Slappy Cakes Wall of Fame. Had I known the wall of fame existed when I visited, I may have tried harder; but, instead:

Minis. Because, well, less calories. And everything tiny is even more delicious. They may not make the wall of fame, but they won with my tastebuds.

We love Slappy Cakes.  There are quite a few locations, too. Even Hawaii, so check it out!

Slappy Cakes online:


Facebook ( The locations also have their own pages)

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