The Grotto in Portland, Oregon

I was brought to The Grotto by a friend. The donation fee is minimal to enter.

Everything in busy body me repelled entering The Grotto when I first arrived. This was simply due to the pain I was going through at the time. Within minutes, my soul replied with, “Thank you.”

Right now The Grotto is holding their Christmas Festival of Lights. The pricing is reasonable and it is worth the visit for oh so many reasons.

I read once, that the importance of beauty is that when we go through loss and pain and are angry at God and others, the only thing capable of comforting us is beauty. The grotto has the corner market on beauty.

Statues, and nature, and comforting words to read. No one telling me how fast to heal, how many tears to shed, or asking me to volunteer for anything. Just peace.

Although the entire Grotto is a meditative walk opportunity…

… the labyrinth makes the slowing down and the praying and the listening to God even more directed and purposeful.

The story of the life of Jesus is displayed in these protected statues.

Sadly, there has been a bit of vandalism over the years, so donations are welcome to help keep this beautiful, beautiful life-giving place.

This picture doesn’t do this room justice, but one of the sanctuaries provides a quiet, glorious view of Portland.

I will visit The Grotto every time I go to Portland and I recommend to for all souls because there is simply not enough safety and quiet in everyday life.

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