Leaky Roof Gastro Pub in Portland, Oregon

One of my most memorable meals in Portland so far was from this little pub. I lost the name of it for a long time and was mortified I would not be able to ever share it with you. Even more mortifying, I would not be able to find my way back. But then I found this picture. And I rejoiced.

Thankfully, I often think farther ahead than I remember I do later. Does that make sense?

I believe you can tell the character of a restaurant by their dinner salad. If there is this much care over a pre-dinner salad, I allow myself to get excited about dinner.

Also, I take pictures of lights. I don’t even know.

What did I tell you? My date ordered these little lamb shanks. Loverly.

And, me, being the most southern northwest girl you will ever find, ordered the fried chicken. The sexiest friend chicken I have ever been served, my friend. I was not mad.

And a full bar. Life in Portland is good. Very good. I highly recommend the Leaky Roof Gastro Pub.

Leaky Roof Gastro Pub online:





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