Living Room Theaters in Portland, Oregon

Is a movie theater even a movie theater anymore without recliners and a bar?

Okay, maybe so, but I’m a fan so I barely remember the uncomfortable seats and ginless movies theaters of yesteryear. Contrary to the movies you see here, Living Room Theaters actually places the hottest new flicks so no worries.

This Portland theater is as Portland as they come. Enjoy a drink at the bar, watch the movie, enjoy another drink at the bar. I;m a talker, so I’m loving the chance to actually catch up with friends with this new venue.

Again with me and the light fixtures. I don’t even know.

Recliners, cup drink holders, foot stools. Ready to nap… er… um… watch the movie.

And Living Room Theaters are close to Powell’s Books – a Portland legend. All of this adds up to a perfect night out. Friends, movies, drinks, and books. Winning – Portland style.

Living Room Theater Theater online:




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