Pretty Throw Pillows Giveaway

Interior decorators fawned over the style of The Old Hen Bed & Breakfast. And now you can have a piece of the loveliness.


The colors of these pillows IRL (in real life for those who don’t do text talk) are pretty close to the pictures. I took several photos to get it as close to the true colors as I could. You’re welcome. Okay, enough pillow talk.

Today we’re doing 2 giveaways. One for paisley pillows and one for toile pillows.

The first winner randomly drawn will get the first choice of pillows. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. 

As I sift through a few leftover remnants (and pretty remnants they are) from The Old Hen B&B, I will be doing some giveaways. I’ll be doing a super fun giveaway for a nonprofit just after Valentine’s Day so be sure to come back often! Because, well, smiles.

Also, be sure to keep watching my new Travel section for places you might like to visit. I’ve started with the Great Northwest, specifically Portlandia… one of the foodiest (as if the word “foodie” wasn’t bad enough) capitals of ‘Merica. You really must go.

Just leave a comment below and let us know your favorite vacation spot so far. Or why you need these pillows. Or whatevs. Just tell us what you had for lunch. It’s all good. 

Comment entries must be placed by Monday, December 19, 2016, at 2:00 pm PST.

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7 thoughts on “Pretty Throw Pillows Giveaway”

  • My favorite vacation spot is Port Townsend. We take our RV over there every August for a week and relax. You don’t have to do anything but watch the cruise ships go in and out of Seattle and enjoy the sunrise every morning. Buy wonderful pastries at Pan d’ Amore, fresh fish at the dock and fresh veggies at the Farmers Market twice weekly. A no makeup week. Look forward to The Old Hen cookbook!

    • We share a love for all things handmade. Old fabric patterns intrigue me, so I collect them. I collect swatches, clothing, curtains, etc. Some of the items are recycled into items to be used, such as clothing, toys and even pillows! Your pillows’ beautiful fabric patterns, especially the paisley pair, would serve as a visual reminder for me to pursue my obsession with passion!

  • Favorite Couples getaway was to the Old Hen for our 10th Anniversary & favorite family vacation was to Louisiana & visiting Restoration Park

  • Congratulations commenter’s Angie Stretch (#6) & Kim E (#3)! Angie, I will be contacting you for your pick since your number was drawn first and then Kim will receive the second set of pillows!

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