Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington

Visiting the Museum of Flight was a delayed arrival for this Seattle girl.

I’m not sure why it never peaked my interest. I guess I thought, It’s just a few airplanes, what’s the biggie deal?

Boy, was I wrong.

Really, really wrong.

So much history.

And, if you’re anything like me, you didn’t pay attention in history class so you suck in all the historical facts you can now.

If everyone knew what it took to become a real Ace, no one would use the term so lightly. I’m lookin’ at you, Logan. (That was just for my fellow Gilmore Girls fans).

I did attend a wedding at the museum years ago, but never actually toured. I had no idea it was so big. And this is just a panorama picture of the World War II section. There are many more areas.

You read the stories, see artifacts, and learn the meaning behind the symbols on the planes. You become even more grateful for our servicemen and women. I can honestly say we have never had to be as connected as a nation as those who survived in WWI and WWII were.

I may or may not have watched the video below twice so I could share this story which you are likely to miss if you don’t stop to watch every single one. (It’s worth the read). You’re welcome…

Yep, this is how a Deanna best learns history. This video made things real for me. It humanized people I shall never have the privilege of meeting.

I’ll just let you finish this mini sample tour on your own. Quietly. Thoughtfully. Like I did.

I was so touched, I chose this necklace from the souvenir shop. I won’t wait so long for my next visit.

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