Food Trucks in Portland, Oregon

“Oooo a police car. What’s going on?” I asked my friend, a Portlandia resident.

“Oh, see that car over there with cameras on top?”

“They’re filming Grimm. Happens a lot.”

“Oh, I should get pictures! Dotter will be so excited.” I said like a dork.

And I’m sure she was when she saw the barely-there evidence I had been in the company of TV greatness but it was hard to tell.

“And this food trailer was on Grimm too,” I continued.

“Oh. Cool. I gotta go to work, Mom.” said side-tracked Dotter.

“Fine. maybe my readers will appreciate my ultimate Portland finds. Hmph.”

I was da-pressed I didn’t get to try their coffee, but the sign was so cute.

There are food cart lands all over Portland in places formerly known as parking lots. God bless their government to make opening a quality food truck so easy and cool.

Along with the outdoor markets and restaurants in the middle of suburbia, food cart pods are the epitome of what a perfect foodie trip to Portland involves.

So far in my Portland travels, I declare Viking Soul Food my very favorite food “truck” er… Airstream. And I’m not saying that just because they have been featured in Smithsonian Magazine; nor, because I grew up in a bakery/lefse factory. I’m pretty picky about my lefse, actually, and Viking Soul Food was perfect.

If you have time to wander, wander. But if you only have time for one, you’ll find Viking Soul Food next door to Slappy Cakes.

Viking Soul Food online:




Portland food truck locations:

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