Laurelhurst Market in Portland, Oregon

If a place impresses me, I will post it for you. If not, I will just simply move on and wish them the best. In other words, you won’t actually find reviews at The Old Hen, just recommendations of places that wow me enough to share them.

But, if someone forced me to choose the wowiest place in Portland, this place would be the winner. Hands down.

Laurelhurst Market is a butcher shop and a restaurant.

It is a lovely sight to behold.


The owners work closely with farmers to provide the very best for their guests.

I’m a huge fan of farm to table restaurants and look for them whenever I travel. I’ll let you check out the butcher shop for a bit and hop back in when we get into the dining room. Here ya go…

And here’s the chefs doing their cheffing.

When you dine with a bottle of water at your table, you know you’re at a fancy place… or, you know, a copycat who’s trying to look fancy. But, Laurelhurst is the real deal. I promise.

Blur means something good cometh your way.

The simplest of menus are the very best. And this was dinner was heavenly. Peaches & prosciutto. Pleased.

If you’re unfamiliar with the steak world and only know steak from the days of dad’s oops-it-caught-on-fire charcoals, I recommend you start letting go of familiar tough steaks by ordering nothing cooked more done than medium-well. At least little pink is needed to have a tender, flavorful steak. You’re welcome.

Grilled Hanger Steak – Butcher’s steak with tomatillo=avocado salsa and pickled torpedo onion. Amen.

Mac & Cheese with Potato Chip Crust. Yaaaas.

Grilled Pork Chop with peach vinaigrette, bacon, hazelnut, and fresh peach salad. This pork chop was outta this world. It had a smoked flavor I shall never forget.

Goodbye, Laurelhurst, I shall visit again, my love. I shall visit again.

Laurelhurst Market Restaurant and Butchershop online:




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