International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon

My grandmother had a beautiful rose garden. I’ve always loved roses because they remind me of grandma. I called my dad one day to get the scoop on grandma’s garden years after she had passed away. “Oh, no.” he said, “That wasn’t grandma’s rose garden, that was grandpa’s. In fact, she was always mad over how often he was out in the darn rose garden.”

Grandpa passed away when I was just five months old so I never got to know him. I imagine if he had lived longer maybe we would’ve walked around his darn rose garden together.

And so I think of my grandparents whenever I wander through a rose garden.

I had no idea Portland had an International Rose Test Garden until my friend announced we were going there one day.

We wandered. I photo’ed. And we wandered some more.

The beauty was overwhelming in the very best possible way.

Such a perfect place for a field trip with friends or family photos this summer.

A huge, peaceful rose garden surrounded by funky restaurants? Yes, please.

Rows and rows of rose petal perfection in every color.

I hate to be a petal pusher, but it’s in my genes.

International Rose Test Garden online:




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