Happy Camper Cocktail Company

You may have read my post about A List Nanny Services after visiting the Seattle Wedding Show? Another treasure I discovered while at the wedding show was a camper. A super-fun camper you don’t want to miss out on.

What do you get when you have a camper…

and a whole bunch of happy….

Happy Camper Cocktail Company

and some seriously lovely cocktails?

You get the Happy Camper Cocktail Company.

Happy Camper Cocktail Company is a “garden to glass” cocktail catering company. They bring cocktail hour to you with their unique mobile bar options, including a vintage camper bar. They bring everything you need to party, from their house-made mixers, bar equipment, and draft system to fun, licensed and insured bartenders, lawn games, & snack and dessert bars.

The Happy Camper Cocktail Company can turn any breathtaking spot in the Evergreen state into the perfect party spot. In addition, they create and serve locally sourced craft cocktails that will thrill your guests, because they believe the special moments in your life deserve special drinks.

A family business, the Happy Camper Cocktail Company is a dream come true in liquid form. Through this company, they bring people joy daily and witness the most important moments of our lives, all while working alongside one another.

What’s really exciting is Happy Camper’s view on local food. 

Seattle’s newest bar is on wheels and on a mission. The Happy Camper Cocktail Company takes the farm to table experience one step further with their vintage trailer mobile bar, serving garden to glass cocktails across the state. In a mobile bar complete with draft system, they park anywhere the host chooses and serve handcrafted cocktails that wow guests with freshness and flavor. The flavor comes not from secret ingredients, but local ones.  

“We love trying new craft cocktails and we love supporting our neighbors and sustainable farming by buying food locally. When working in corporate event planning and planning our own wedding, I realized it was hard to find a caterer to serve craft cocktails for events,” said owner Belinda Kelly. Together with her husband and young son, they decided to take the leap from the corporate world and start their own mobile bar. After several months of renovating their 1966 Aladdin Hideaway camper, Happy Camper Cocktail Co. was born.

In the months since this couple has brought the small farm experience, they’ve come to love as residents of Enumclaw to their clients via handcrafted cocktails with family-farmed ingredients.  Events booked since their start in May have included weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and music festivals, so business is looking good for the Kelly family, the little family with a love for Washington and a big dream.

Be sure to check Happy Camper out. It is everything wonderful a small business can be; and, did I mention cocktails?

Happy Camper Cocktail Company on Facebook.

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