A Lovely, Cozy Fall Tea

I just love fall! As I write this blog, the weather is sunshiny with a touch of fall crispiness – perfect!  I am trying a new recipe and  looking out my kitchen window at  my chickens crossing the little bridge in my garden… they’re adorable. Back on topic… I decided that while I await my new recipe results, I would blog one of our latest events.

Last weekend we hosted a fall tea at The Old Hen. It was so fun to host for theses ladies. They were hilarious. Yes, I do hear what people talk about while they are seated at our table. I can’t help it and the conversations are usually so entertaining that, honestly, I don’t want to stop overhearing them. Anyhow, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here are the pictures…

Classic party meatballs.

Summer bread which I copycated from a fancy shmancy Seattle restaurant!

My new maple leaf plates – buy them in the spring and get 90% off.

Cherry tomato hors d’oeuvres – cute and yummy. My daughter made these. I just love working with her.

Mini gingies – a big little tradition at our house that starts at the beginning of September and lasts until the end of December. I’ve been know to listen to Christmas music from August through the end of December too. I have a little affinity for Christmas. I can’t help it.

Mini pumpkin pies with whipped cream.

Mini homemade dark chocolate cakes with homemade chocolate ganache – my family taste tested one of these that I set aside before the tea party and kept coming back for more!

Thank you for humoring me. Just a little table scape picture…

I just heard tonight’s guest pull up to the driveway so I will sign off now. I hope you are having a lovely fall and I will see you again soon for a new mini football snack recipe.

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