A Christmas Tea Tree


It all began in 1993. We had just had our first baby and I was a stay at home mom looking for ways to express my creativity now that I was no longer living in Cubicleland. I found a contest that I decided to enter, the Puyallup Fair trim-a-tree contest. I entered the first year they had it and I was hooked.

The contest gained popularity quickly so the fair staff decided to draw names from those who wanted to enter. With the exception of one year that my name was not drawn randomly from a hat and two years that Dotter entered instead, I have entered. We are given a tree like this little number to pretty up in our chosen theme.

In 2009, the theme I entered was “A Christmas Tea”. I was seeping with ideas!

I adorned the branches with everything sweet and cozy…

I honestly cannot remember ever using silver – real or plated – for any party, ever. I have, however, decorated with it more times than I can count.

I went to my favorite scrapbook store, Hip 2b Square, for embellishments to recreate my tea bags, giving them new tags that were worthy of display.

Special treats at the bottom of the tree included homemade sugar cookies and mini gingies. Old books are always uplifting.

What is a tree without a tea-topper?

I wish you could scratch-and-sniff through the computer screen. This tree smelled as wonderful as it looked! As we allow ourselves to accept Christmas now that Halloween is coming to a close, I hope this gives you some inspiration for a cozy holiday season.

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