A Gingerbread Christmas Tree


This post is dedicated to my cuzzie, Vanessa, with whom I baked mini gingies with last week. We both heart a very early Christmas.

In 2004, I went a little spicy with my gingerbread boys.  My colors were light greens, soft pinks and white.

I baked a bunch of gingerbread boys and dipped them in wax (you can buy it in the canning section of your grocery store). I let them dry and then used royal icing to decorate them so the icing would harden. You could also use fabric paints.

Again with my quirky additions such as wooden spoons dipped in royal icing.

I used a cute white box for the topper & somehow got creative with my ribbons, tissue paper, sticks, etc to create this wild number. I do believe this is my favorite topper yet though. The star is styrofoam with glitter paint and some craft supplies that that went well with my theme from the mini section of the craft store. I do love all things mini.

And here she is in all of her baked glory. This tree won the grand prize and all the gingies and their maker cheered.

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