French Country Christmas Tree


I have been digging through my iPhoto archives to find the trees of Christmases past to share with you. While I do that, here is another recent tree for us to indulge in. I hope it inspires you to have some fun with your tree this year.

I chose some softer, unique colors for my French country tree.

Notice how the pillows add so much? Yet they were so, so easy to make. The details are in the fabric chosen (see cherubs) and the lace & jewels which match the stockings.

These floral balls are easy to make and add great dimension to a Christmas tree. They are also fun to hang in other places to tie the rest of your decorations in with your tree theme.

To make, just purchase some styrofoam balls from your local craft store. Take a piece of wire and bend in half. Insert the wire into the balls so that you can hang them. To make sure it stays secure, use a low temp glue gun. Using the low temp glue gun again, glue flowers of the same kind all around the ball. Simple as that. If you like, you can add a matching ribbon to the wire hanger so that you can hang them from different lengths around your home. These are beautiful year round if you choose colors that compliment your home decor.

You won’t find “Where’s Waldo” in my trees but you could probably play “I spy” with all of the little oddities that I enjoy hiding amongst the typical ornaments. You never know where you will find them either. We have a few of these precious faucets that we bought for our first home. We never got around to using them so I have carried them in my craft supplies ever since. They make me happy, especially when I find creative ways to use them.

More oddities that make me happy.

Another tip… shop out of season! I bought these sweet cherubs after Valentine’s Day for 90% off. Perfect for this tree. Love.

I love to collect small things. Small things don’t take up a lot of room but can be just as lovely as clutter that would drive you and everyone else crazy. I pulled these pretties out of one of my button jars.

The velvety stockings were made by my mom and I decorated them with furs, lace, buttons and such. It was a fun project to do. Together. At 11:30 pm the night before my tree had to be set up. Crazy.

See the sweet little wooden threads? I collect those too. I covered the thread on them with ribbons which matched the colors and style of the tree. Joy.

Finally, I grabbed some moss off the trees on our road and started the tree by shoving it into the fake tree to give it some umph… or life (It was messy but worth it). There is nothing worse than a wimpy Christmas tree.

I just won thirdsies this year but it’s always fun to be creative no matter which place I take…. I keep telling myself that this year especially because there were only five trees. 🙂 I have a confession. When this happens, I just stand by my tree for awhile and listen to the gasps of fair attendees who disagree with the judging and then I feel better.

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