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A Vineyard Christmas Tree

A Vineyard Christmas Tree


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find very many pictures of this tree so I will share with you what I could find.

For the topper, I just took various elements of the tree and made them into a top that captured the splendor of a full harvest. Yeah, I know. Those dark blue walls only lasted a few months – just until I got the energy to paint them again.

Papery silk roses and plastic grapes adorned this tree. I was pretty busy around this time, so there weren’t very many handmade ornaments that I can remember.

But I do remember these sweet little numbers which made their home in this tree. I decoupaged little flower pots with pieces of old hymnal pages. Sacred, I know, but I love hymns so much. Dork, I know, but I love them so much that I want them to adorn things in my home.

This way, I can remember my dad singing with the purest of hearts “Fairest Lord Jesus” only for it to turn into a competition with my childhood best friend’s dad in a pew on the other side of the church for the loudest tenor every Sunday. Is it bad to admit that a little voice inside of me always cheered, “Louder, dad, louder!”?

Anyhow, back to the crafty craft. Using a low temp glue gun, I secured a small styrofoam ball inside, covered with a wee bit of moss and then flowers with leaves & pippish (new word alert!) berries. I then made a bow with three loops on each side. I put a dab of glue where I wanted the bow to be and then pushed the knot part of the bow into the midst of the florals by using the eraser end of a pencil & held it there for a minute until the glue was dry.

This was the year that Dotter got her very first cell phone. The reason she is looking emotional is that we wrapped it and then called it. She is looking for her new phone which is ringing. Happy memories. Behind the special memories, you can see wicker birds, fancy ornaments, pip berries and grape lights.

Quite possibly her best Christmas ever. Well, that one and the year she got her Macbook. We do love Apples… and grapes.

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