How to Make Gravy Recipe

How to Make Gravy Recipe

Making lump-free gravy easier that one might think. There are a few ways to make perfect gravy so the cool thing is that you can use the technique that you have the best luck with. I found a couple of videos that are very helpful for anyone who is nervous about making gravy.

Starting with a roux:

If you roast your turkey with an inch or two of water in the bottom of the pan like I do, you can save that broth and set aside for gravy. This video will show you how to make gravy using flour, turkey fat (or butter) & turkey broth.

Starting with a slurry:

This video shows you how to make gravy using a flour & water slurry. This guy is making it for something other than a turkey dinner but he does a great job of introducing how to make gravy this way.

If you grew up with relatives shaking their Tupperware to make gravy, this slurry is what was in their shakers. If you have one of these, just put 1 cup of cold milk and 1/4 cup of flour into your shaker & shake then when you have your slurry, add it to the gravy over medium high heat. You can use pretty much any cold liquid to begin your slurry. If you don’t have a Tupperware shaker, you can use a mason jar. Just put lid on top & shake. Hot liquids will cause a messy explosion. Not. That. I. Would. Know. From. Experience.


These two methods are pretty much fool proof but here are a couple more tips:

  • Always sprinkle in the flour, don’t dump it in. This is one main cause of lumps.
  • Have your turkey juices on medium high for a rolling boil when pouring in a slurry. The heat is what will make it thicken.
  • If all else fails, don’t panic. You can always add a gravy bowl full of gravy to the blender & blend on low then work your way up to a medium blend to help blend in lumps.

Seasoning your gravy:

Once you have your gravy, just add salt, pepper & any other seasonings you enjoy like chicken Better than Bouillon, Johnny’s, Spike or Lawry’s house seasonings. You can also chop some herbs finely such as thyme, rosemary & sage.

Another nice touch if you have fancy eaters coming that you would like to impress, is to add a little bit of white wine to your gravy. Red wine tends to go well in beef gravy.

A Girl Scout is always prepared:

If this is your first time making gravy, I recommend keeping a few gravy mix packages on hand just in case. These prevent tears from perfectly talented new cooks.

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