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Paper Bag Scrapbook

Paper Bag Scrapbook

In the midst of our hurting economy, a couple of values have been found once again by many. First, there is the need for a reasonable budget. Second, we have found a new appreciation for time spent with our loved ones. Those who have been hurt by the financial concerns the hardest have perhaps found the later accidentally. No matter how it is just wonderful that we have. This might change the way some are viewing Christmas this year. I have a little idea for my girlfriends who would like to show the ladies in their lives how much they mean to them while spending far more time focusing on the individual and much less on how much money is spent than in years past.

This scrappy little book is made out of lunch sacks. Perfect for teachers, girlfriends, daughter’s stocking, and more.

It’s simple to make and so much fun. Just fold 3-4 sacks together, punch three holes (or more) down the edges and tie ribbon or yarn through each set of holes.

It’s fun to change the direction of the paper sacks so that you get pockets & folds in various directions. You can add pretty papers and textures and trinkets.

Recycled Paper Lunch Bags 50 Count

You can place little cards with promises in the pockets, like this one for a big fat chocolate cake! Or if you are really in the giving spirit, you can create a matching card with the recipe for your homemade big fat chocolate cake.

Add a few of her favorite things like old matchbooks, buttons and ribbons…

Write, stamp or print out & add a list of the things she loves or her favorite quotes & verses or things that make her special or a list of your very silliest of personal jokes.

Find prints of some of her favorite songs or hymns.

Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink

I do love embellishments.

Place a small packet of bubble bath in a pocket. I don’t recommend tucking tator tot casserole in there though. Perhaps a coupon for a homemade dinner for her busiest day of the week would be just fine.

Take a looksie at the top… see the little file folder? Oh so sweet.

Defining moments.

Find out her favorite drink – perfection for her. Insert the coffee card in this pocket. Joy on the go.

Oh, the gives we could give with this little friendship book. Tea bags, letters, pretty pins and more.

But of course, from beginning to end, the best of all is the love you will put into it.

Just for kicks, here is a little gift box idea to match.

A recycled Frango Mints box. I know just what I shall place inside.

Basic Grey Stickers + Papers

Chocolate mint tea. Warm and cozy. Just like Christmas with loved ones.

Stash Chocolate Mint Tea

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