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How to Make Panoramic Sugar Easter Eggs

How to Make Panoramic Sugar Easter Eggs

When I was still old enough to believe in the Easter Bunny, my mom was just getting into cake decorating as a hobby. One of the first things I remember her making was panoramic Easter eggs. She would make them and people would save them for years. I don’t see them around anymore which makes them unique once again. You know, like skinny jeans. Let’s make sugar art, shall we?

They look more difficult to make than they really are.

For one medium egg, place 4 1/2 cups of sugar and 3 tablespoons of water into a large bowl.

Mix together well.

Fill egg by layers. Press down each time you put about 1/4 inch of sugar mix into the eggs so that it get packed in very well.

This is the egg that I used. It’s in stores now for Easter and is about 5 inches tall. It works lovely because it is flat on two sides so you can easily make your egg window at the end or on the side. Yay!

Carefully turn sugar eggs over onto a baking sheet.  This makes me happier than it should.

Choose which side you would like to make your window and cover with a little piece of saran wrap so it will stay soft enough to carve after the egg is dry. Allow egg to set overnight.

Carefully remove the sugary guts with a spoon and carve out the window with a knife.

Do a window check to be sure that everything lines up well. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just close, because you’ll be decorating away the imperfections with frosting later.

Make royal icing to hold together and decorate the egg. I use Wilton’s recipe.

Keep icing covered with a slightly damp cloth so that it doesn’t harden while you work.

Of course, there are so many ways to decorate a sugar egg. People can get quite elegant. Mine is simple as you will see. I started by coloring a small amount of icing light blue to frost the inside top of the egg to create a sky, complete with little puffy, white clouds.

Next, I colored about 1/2 cup of coconut with a teeny tiny bit of green food coloring for the grass. I like to use a glove so I can use my fingers, be sanitary and still keep my hands food coloring free.

Who knew it was so easy to “go green”?

I also frosted the inside bottom part blue & added the grass. I placed a few gum drop “eggs” in the grass and made a baby chick out of these candies:

  • Chick – a yellow Hershey’s Easter egg chocolate
  • Beak – two orange Wilton Spring Confetti Sprinkles
  • Wings – two light yellow Wilton Jumbo Confetti
  • Eyes – two blue nerd candies (the tiniest I could find from the box)

They key for me is trying to use what I have on hand. This also tends to bring out creativity because I come up with ideas I didn’t think of before I looked at my candy stash.

Pipe some white icing all around the edge of the bottom egg and attach the top, carefully wiping of excess frosting. Go ahead, sneak a peek inside. You know you want to.

For the outside, use your choice of decorating tips to pretty up your egg. I used Wilton Heart Drops Sprinkles for the top and some little pastel pearly candies I happen to have on hand and cannot identify.

A good egg.

I guess you could say it’s a peep show. Not that I would say that. That would be naughty. Have fun creating these cuties with your family.

Happy Easter to you!

If you keep in a cool, dry place in a plastic bag, rumor has it that these can last for years… of course, that’s if you don’t decorate them with chocolate.

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