A Spring Decoration: Robin Easter Eggs

These eggs make for the oh so prettiest display. They are simply boiled eggs made extra beautiful but could be made to last longer if you hollowed out the egg instead of boiling it. To hollow, poke uncooked egg with a pin at the top and the bottom of the shell. Over a bowl, blow the inside of the egg out into the bowl. Of course, they would be more fragile but can still be made to look like these…

Place small white or light-colored eggs in a pot of water. Once water is boiling, allow to continue boiling for 10 minutes. remove from burner & set aside.

Heat up a medium bowl of water or if you prefer to color the eggs one at a time, use a large mug.

You will need sky blue & leaf green food coloring (or a teal or turquoise will do).

If using blue and green, place a tablespoon or two of vinegar into about 20 ounces of water, then add a little bit of green food coloring & stir.

Add the blue food coloring & stir again.

Don’t underestimate the power of vinegar when coloring Easter eggs. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

Using non-toxic paints, use a stiff paintbrush, place some brown little paint on it and flick onto eggs. Practicing on newspaper first is a good idea to be sure your paint flicks just how you want it too. You want speckles, not blotches or streaks.

The nice thing about living where I live is I was boiling noodles for spaghetti and went outside to grab some fresh moss off a tree and came back to perfectly cooked noodles. I know, right?

Just place some fresh (or store-bought) moss into a glass container. I used my Southern Living at Home hurricane vase. She is not surprised at this as she has been used as many things, including punch bowl. Thank you, Lovely, you never disappoint.

Perfect for a peaceful moment of reading on the porch alone.


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