Senior Prom Dinner For the Class of 2011

Every year, since dotter was a freshman, we have been hosting dinner parties for her and her friends. It started out as an idea on a whim and had become a four-year tradition.

Just before Prom, the seniors received special letters from the fifth graders in town. Here is Brittany’s letter. We couldn’t stop ooing and awing over how sweet it is.

(Original picture of note lost. We’re looking for it.)


Thank you for your awesome letter. You will be so happy to know that Brittany followed all of your advice.


Brittany’s mom 🙂

Finally prom day arrived. Our decor theme this year was French Country. We lined the tables with ivory tablecloths and gold swirled curtains.

To give it a garden look, we found a few green plants and placed them in some inexpensive vases.

We happen to also have a birdcage that I got on clearance a long time ago and placed a trailing plant inside and hung it from our chandelier. Of course, we made sure it lined up so that it wouldn’t make it difficult to chat with friends across the table.

A great way to collect the things you like is to buy out of season. Wait 2-3 weeks after any holiday and you’ll find treasures for 75%-90% off. These chargers were purchased after various holidays. Just keep an open mind and remember the colors will work for other themes and occasions.

Part of the fun of planning a party is seeing how I can break the rules to create interest like using goldware and silverware, placing salads in punch glasses and creating a pattern with two different sets of chairs that somehow works.

Everyone received packages of Tic Tacs (dotter’s favorite mints) labeled with the words “Minty Fresh” just for fun.

Candles always make everything more sparkly.

This year’s menu.

Steak and baked potatoes. We used flowering chives as a garnish.

Fancy schmancy makes everything taste even better.

The culinary arts teacher at the high school heard that several of the students in her class were attending the dinner and decided to offer a dessert. So sweet – literally even. Wink wink. I made mini mud pies as well.

And then the traditional staircase picture. Everyone looked dashing.

Another picture before the limo arrived. What a memorable night.

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