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Steve’s Doughnuts

Merry Christmas. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.

Speaking of Christmas, be sure to place your order for Christmas doughnuts today. You know, after you finish reading this deliciously cheery post about supporting another local business we get to call our own.

You see, I have found the Santa Claus of the Snoqualmie Valley. His name is Steve. He makes persian doughnuts.

Speaking of Steve, did you know that Steve was a judge for the Mount Si Festival blueberry contest last summer?

You might be lucky to meet Steve, but it is more likely that you will enjoy the fresh, hot apple fritters he leaves in his bakery for you.

Speaking of fresh apple fritters, I recently gave Steve’s apple fritters to a few of my acquaintances and now they are my BFFs. Steve’s apple fritters are magical.

I want sprinkles. (Sorry. That was especially for Cake Wrecks fans. I couldn’t resist.) Don’t worry, Steve will make sure you get sprinkles when you want them.

Speaking of sprinkles, did you know that the chocolate sprinkle was invented in 1936?

Perfectly glazed, light and fluffy.

Speaking of perfection, did you know that Steve’s Doughnuts will create custom orders for you? They recently made pink frosted doughnut holes for a breast cancer awareness event. They also make marzipan covered doughnut holes and other fancy doughnuts for weddings and other special events. Yes, marzipan.

And new to Steve’s Doughnuts. Brownies. Perfectly chewy in the middle. No one could feel grinchy while eating one of these.

Speaking of not feeling grinchy, did you know that Steve’s Doughnuts gives discounts to non-profit organizations who place weekly orders? Email orders@stevesdoughnuts for more information.

And, finally, just when you thought it couldn’t be more beautiful. Or festive. Or delicious. The Christmas wreath. Oh, the Who-manity.

Okay, now you can place your Christmas order and please tell Santa… er… Steve I said hi.

Steve’s Doughnuts Facebook page

Hours and Location

7am-10am Tuesday-Thursday
6:30-11 Friday
7-12 Saturday-Sunday
Closed Mondays7730 Center Blvd., Suite D (next to the Snoqualmie Ridge Starbucks)
(425) 292-0739





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