Herb Baked Eggs Recipe

When I started making baked eggs, I had only seen pictures of them. I’d never tried them but they looked so delicious, that I finally gave them a whirl. They are easy to make once you learn the secret. Today, I’m sharing the secret. Because I love you.

Just place three eggs in a small baking pan. Cover with about a few teaspoons of fresh finely chopped mixed herbs such as thyme, oregano parsley, rosemary and/or basil (no stems). You can bake them in ramekins or mini cast iron pans too. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. You can add diced ham or bacon bits on top before baking for extra yum factor as well.

If a yolk breaks when putting it on the pan, I spoon it out & replace it with a new one. I then refrigerate the broken one to brush onto baked rolls or danishes to gave them a beautiful shine.

Preheat oven to 325F and place the pans in the oven for 11 minutes. You will want to watch them closely after 10 minutes. When the whites no longer jiggle and the yolks are still soft in the middle, they are done. When making more than two pans, give more baking time but watch closely since they bake quickly.

Baked eggs are delicious served simply with herbs or serve with hollandaise if you like…

…and Johnsonville original recipe sausage from the meat department…

…or smoked beef sausage (so beautiful when sliced diagonally!)  from the lunch meat section in your local grocery store.

Then there is always sizzling hot bacon. Oh, so many wonderful and tasty options to choose from.

I always make sure there is a pretty napkin underneath and let my guests know that the pan is very, very hot. I do love beautiful napkins
ever so much. Dare I admit that napkin shopping is an event for me?

Happy breakfasting to you and yours this pretty napkin season!

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