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Oak Bay Marina in Victoria BC, Canada

After we decided to take our trip to Victoria BC, I hopped on the internet to get some questions answered about the touristy places to visit.

After some research, I learned that the Crystal Garden, Fable Cottage and the Royal London Wax Museum are all gone. Yep, feeling old.

Did you ever tour the Fable Cottage? Here’s the scoop on what happened to it. It’s taking a “rest” according to its new owner, eh. It couldn’t belong to a nicer dude.

A few days into our Victoria trip, I decided to find out the local scoop & see if I could find something interesting to do. I took the girls out for a drive but I didn’t tell them where we were going. This made the ride there almost as entertaining as what I had up my sleeve.

We arrived at Oak Bay Marina. It was cold. We bought souvenir pennies – a flat out must have.

It was cold.


Um. Mom. Why are we buying frozen fish chunks?


As soon as we had warmed up in the gift shop, we made our way down the short ramp to the marina.


And we were greeted by this sweet face.


And this one.


A total of four harbor seals. Yes, four. See the one on the far left? He was on his back the entire time.


Within seconds, the girls got over the fear of touching raw fish and came alive.


And the exceptionally lazy seals came alive too.


Well, all except for number four.


And there was flipper slapping – a lot of it. Notice number four still on his back?


Surprisingly, just one seagull looked on.

After the seal party, we walked the dock.


Who thinks of the names for these boats?


A typical moment with Meg.








I’ll bet they own a toy dog that wears a pink sweater.


We made our way back and found the Marina Coffee House – a hopping place with an amazing view of the docks.

We were cold but they had coffee. They had Starbucks coffee.


And desserts. And lunches. And a cute guy labeling the case. Of course, I wasn’t noticing. The girls were. He was even cuter in color.


We finally noticed this sign on the way back up the ramp. Thankfully we survived. Risky little ladies that we are.


Thank you, Oak Bay Marina. We’ll be back. For we are dare devils.




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