The Fairmont Empress and Victoria’s Inner Harbour

While visiting Victoria in the month of March, we decided to play summer and take a walk around Victoria’s Inner Harbour. A couple of the beautiful landmarks that you cannot miss are the…


British Columbia Parliament Buildings (free guided tours available) and…


The Fairmont Empress.


The Inner Harbour – where one great photo op is interrupted by another.

Beautiful architecture all around.

And when you are vewy, vewy quiet, you can wander around the hotel to witness the beauty and shops within.


“Presented to The Fairmont Empress by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of Her Majesty and His Royal Highness. Visit of October 2002.”

The queen herself  has taken in the beauty of The Empress. What a sweet gesture. I hope she just leaves a card when she visits our B&B cuz I’m simply not plaque & trophy person.

I suppose when one is willing to take a picture of a picture that would make one a tourist.


At this point, dotter was embarrassed of my picture taking. So I held off…


Until we got to the tea room.


And the restaurants.


And the gift shops.


And a few more beautiful outdoor spaces.


Across the street from both buildings is the Inner Harbour. I can’t imagine how beautiful this all must be in the summer.


ut in the meantime, a glimpse of spring.


Many of the buildings around the harbour are stunning.


From every angle.


Especially on a blue sky kind of day.


There are carriage rides and double-decker buses, an IMAX theater and a museum all close to the harbour. If you have fond memories of Miniature World, you can find that at the Fairmont Empress as well… perfect for kids.


Rumor has it that street performers gather all around the harbour in the summer. This brave soul came out to make balloon art for the kids on a sunny but cold, spring day.


When I see our flag I feel teary-eyed. When I see the Canadian flag, I feel the need for maple syrup. I am broken, I know.


In the midst of the capital and all of this, there are side streets filled with shops to wander through which lead to downtown BC which has much to offer as well.


Exploring is the fun part of vacation. Nowhere to go. No hurrys. No worries. Time to get lost on a city bus even. Not that this happened to us or anything.

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