Evening Magazine Visits The Old Hen Bed & Breakfast

We had some very special visitors this week at The Old Hen Bed & Breakfast.

We invited some of our previous guests over for brunch.

Oh, and King 5 Evening Magazine happened to stop by too.

We are being featured on Evening Magazine because we are a finalist in their Best Northwest Escapes contest.


So I made some danishes… two trays just in case one of them burned from my happy, scattered, nervous brain waves.

Like a good girl scout, I was prepared with all of the fillings.

Even more of everything than a crowd of 12 people could eat, I’m sure.

I lined up my serving wares.

Food safety (and a picture) first.

… all as Mike waited for his million dollar shot which I believe involved the magical rolling of the spiral omelet.

Tyler graciously waited for his 2pm breakfast in the midst of all the camera hoopla by killing time on his phone and chatting.

Rhonda and Everett enjoyed the Cake Wrecks books. Who doesn’t?

Streusel makes everything prettier. And tastier.

The suites were ready for their camera time. Or so I thought.

Mom pulled the danish out of the oven while I showed the camera guy and host around.

Finally. Breakfast… er lunch… um, almost dinner for Michael King and our other guests. Or breakfast. I’m so happily confused.

The truth is, however, that no matter how well lined up things are, there is always room for some improvement. This I shall share on Thursday afternoon before our segment airs so that you have the behind the scenes scoop – hopefully that which does not show on air at 7pm on channel 5 on Thursday, May 3rd. Did I mention it’s this Thursday?

Michael, I look forward to hearing what you think of the fresh duck eggs and, Mike, I hope you made it to your next camera shoot on time. Thanks, guys for a fun day!


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