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My Cakes: A Foodie Gem in the Snoqualmie Valley

We’re so lucky to have so many foodie gems here in the Snoqualmie Valley. My Cakes is one of those gems.

How do I know My Cakes is a special gem? Let me count the ways… tropical guava, carrot with cream cheese, German chocolate. So, so much happiness in one place.

Who is responsible? One of the sweetest gems of all, Cynthia. Cynthia comes from a family of bakers. Her parents own several bakeries so she has a natural talent for making spectacular treats and even stunning decorated cakes. She also makes friends wherever she goes.

However does she do it? Besides her sparkling personality, I suppose the cupcakes always help. I mean, I’d follow her anywhere for one.

You must try one. Or, you know, two.

May I introduce you to the caramel cupcake? Oh momma.

The Slush Puppies have teens and kids coming back again and again for summery slushy goodness. While I was visiting on this particular day, it was no surprise that My Cakes was hopping with a joyful sense of community as happy-faced people lined up for goodies.

I just love a beautiful chalkboard menu. Gluten-free cupcakes? No problem, they have those too!

Can’t decided which one you like best? Good news, Cynthia has mini cupcakes too. Take two, they’re small.

My Cakes now has lunches for those on the go – well-balanced with a mini cupcake and all.

Did I mention the caramel cupcake? To see more of Cynthia’s beautiful cakes, or to try this heavenly caramel cupcake, check out her website here.

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