Seared Scallops With Peach Salsa Recipe

My love for people with accents (since I, of course, do not have one) began when I would travel around the country to camps. My friends and I would sit and listen to our newly acquired friends from different states for hours. We’d all laugh together about how different we sounded. North Dakota was one of my favorites. I came to love copying accents. It’s become a hobby, really.

Through the years, I’ve discovered which accent I speak in the best, which one makes me sound angriest even while I’m laughing and which one sounds best when writing a recipe. And with that, I present thee with Seared Scallops With Peach Salsa while using a Norwegian accent. You’re welcome.

Make da peach salsa so dat all the parts have da chance to get to know one anudder real vell while you make da scallops.

Ya sure, you betcha, some dose scallops come packed in da juices. Be sure to rinse dem real well.

Den pat dem dry with da paper towel and salt them real good all on dat one side dere.

Place dem all salt side down into da pan heated with da olive oil den salt & pepper da other side, like dat dere, don’t ya know? Cook dem ’til dey are da beautiful medium brown on da first side. If you try to lift dem up too early, you’ll know dey aren’t ready to flip jus yet because dey will stick to da pan ven you try to do da flippin’.

Cook da second side ’til dey medium brown as vell. Uffda.

Top with dat dere peach salsa. It’s real good, don’t ya know? Dat is fresh stuff dere. So ven you have da next pardy you have, be sure to invite da friends from all over da vorld and have da jolly laughs over dose dere accents and eat da scallops together. Den you can be thankful da recipe was not for da pickled herring and dat will make you feel good all over.

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