Marzipan Candies

Marzipan Candies

Sometimes things look good for you but they’re not. You know, like Caesar salad and sledding from the back of an SUV. And, now, marzipan treats made to look like fruits and vegetables.

I talked my mom into reliving one of my childhood memories this week by remaking these candies that I remember her making when I was little. To color the marzipan, you simply work a bit of food coloring into the marzipan.

Momma’s hands… I had forgotten how messy this is to do.

For the potatoes (my favorite) you make little eyes with a toothpick.

Then roll them into cocoa powder.

Slice just like you would a potato, and then form a pat of butter from the yellow marzipan.


  • Strawberries: We added mini white bead candies for the speckles. You can also use a bit of sugar instead.
  • Pears: We used a little green and a little yellow food coloring for a nice, light yellowish-green.
  • Stems: We used cloves – which way we placed them in depended on which side looked the most like the stem of the fruit or veggie.
  • Citrus: We used a small grater/zester to create the texture on an orange, lemon or lime.
  • Coloring: Use a wee bit of food coloring on a wee painting brush to create a blushed look on peaches or pears.
  • If the marzipan sits out too long, it will dry out and not be easy to work with. Keep extras in a Ziploc bag until you’re ready to use.

The possibilities are endless. Here is our assortment which includes mini plums, limes, strawberries, lemons, cherries, potatoes, oranges, grapes, apples, peas, and pears. They’re an adorable addition to the Christmas table or in a pretty box for a gift. Healthy. But not.


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