How to Make Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe

Canned soup is a nice way to welcome your family home from a long day but homemade turkey noodle soup is outta this world delicious. I still reminisce about my first memory of grandma’s turkey noodle soup and how much better it was than even chicken soup.


  • 6 quarts water
  • 1 turkey carcass (or about 2 cups leftover turkey, chopped)
  • 2 cups flour (plus 1 cup for rolling out noodles)
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons sea salt
  • 1/2 yellow onion, chopped
  • 3 stalks celery, diced
  • 8 ounces frozen peas & carrots
  • Sea Salt, to taste
  • Coarse ground pepper, to taste
  • House seasoning (optional)
  • 2 stalks fresh sage, chopped (optional)
  • 1-2 tablespoons Chicken Better Than Bouillon (optional)

First, just save your turkey bones and you’re halfway there. Place them into a large pot with about 6 quarts of water. Turn heat to high and wait for it to boil. Turn heat down to a simmer and cook for at least 30 minutes.

Remove all bones from broth and place on a sheet pan to cool. Pick out all turkey pieces you can find and place them back into the broth. Turn heat to low. Throw away leftover bones. If using turkey pieces only, disregard carcass-separating instructions and just leave the turkey in broth.

Place flour, eggs, and salt into a bowl.

Mix ingredients until dough forms.

Place a cup of flour out on the counter and place flour on dough & rolling pin.

Roll dough into a long strip. Before folding, make sure dough is well floured so it can be separated again when unfolding the noodles.

Fold rolled dough downward in half a few times.

Cut into thin strips. A pizza cutter can be handy for this. Unroll and place in a pile, again with plenty of flour so they don’t stick together. Set aside & let noodles rest for a few minutes.

Add onion, chopped celery, and peas & carrots to broth. Add seasonings like salt, pepper, a house seasoning, and maybe even some of your favorite chopped herbs like rosemary, thyme & sage. Sage will give your soup a similar flavor as traditional stuffing. Stir in some Chicken Better Than Bouillon if the soup is bland and needs more meat flavor. Bring broth to a boil again.

Add noodles a few at a time. The reason for the boiling temp and adding a few at a time is so they don’t clump together again when they fall into the pot. Of course, my kids have never complained about clumped noodles. In fact, they have always laid claim to them. Give a gentle stir a couple of times while adding noodles.

After adding noodles, place the lid on the pot and allow to simmer on low for about another 45 minutes.

Mmmmm… cozy in a bowl.


Chicken: Use raw chicken cut into pieces, boil until chicken is fully cooked, remove chicken to cool, place chicken back into broth and disregard skin, bones, etc.

Beef: Use leftover pot roast cut into small pieces and Better Than Bouillon Beef. This is not a recipe for beef stew. Here is the recipe for beef stew.

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