About Us


I’m not really sure why I started calling her Dotter, but it became a thing and now she can’t go anywhere without someone saying, “Hey! You’re D-O-T-T-E-R!”

She loves a good party, making awesome food, cleaning & organizing, and game nights.

As if being beautiful, talented, and personable wasn’t enough, she’s helped deliver seven baby kittens and three pygmy goats.

One of my favorite things about her besides Dotter’s warm hugs is the laughter after compound words like “highchair”, “sunflower”, & “footprints” come to life and begin a giggle-fest.




My mom is like everyone else’s mom except a little shorter and a little dorkier.

She has a lot of knowledge which, of course, she likes to share in a rhyme or in a mom joke. She has a lot of family life experience from raising my brother and me, our pets, and hanging out with our school friends.

I’m not sure how she made it out alive. And, you might think that she rejoiced when we finally moved out, so we could finally be out of her hair… Nope, instead, she was the cutest little pile of mush you have ever seen.

It took her many a burnt taco shells to get to where she is now. She is the best self-taught cook there is, and she can prove it, with silly puns, no less.